The scene begins with a change on shift in the security shift at Midnight. Trinity jumped from the top of a building on a bike and as it fell towards the checkpoint, she left the bike doing a backflip in mid air.

As she landed on the ground, the bike crashed, causing the checkpoint to exploded. The guards beyond the range of the explosion charge towards her, but trinity defeats them all. She called the operator and said "I'm in".

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Every thing turns into the coding of the Matrix, and the scene changes. Trinity jumps out of the window of a sky scraper, with glass flying around her. She rotated in mid air, revealing an Agent standing at the broken window.

She begins to fire the bullets in order to kill him, and so does the Agent. With trinity falling down, the Agent also dives in order to kill her.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Then we see Trinity and the Agent falling down, with Trinity's face cut at many places by the glass.Both are firing bullets at each other. One of the bullets hits Trinity just below the heart.Then someone falls over a car on the ground, but who falls is not visible.

Then Neo wakes up, realising it was a dream. He notices that Trinity is sleeping safely beside him. He gets up and leaves the room, unable to sleep.


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