Each of us - participants in these sessions - has accumulated some experience. Dr. Richard Popp, one of the oldest members of our group, calls the sense of humor GOLEM mathematical; and the key to his behavior is in part the remark of Dr. Popp that GOLEM is independent of its interlocutors to the extent that no person can be independent of other people, because in the discussion he is involved in a microscopic share of himself.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- According to Dr. Popp, GOLEMA people are not interested at all - because they can not learn anything from them. Having brought this judgment to Dr. Popp, I hasten to emphasize that I disagree with him. In my opinion, we are interested in GOLEM, and even very much; but not the way it is between people.

His interest is directed to the species rather than to individual species; Our common features are more interesting to him than our differences. That must be why he does not put fiction in anything.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- However, he once remarked that literature is a "flaring of antinomies", that is, I add from myself, throwing a man in the slings of incompatible requirements and norms. In antinomies of this kind, GOLEM may be interested in structure, but not in the poetry of spiritual torments, so captivating the greatest writers.

True, I again have to make a reservation that it is far from complete clarity; the same applies to another part of the above GOLEMA remark, the immediate cause for which was one of Dostoevsky's novels (mentioned by Dr. E. McNeish): GOLEM said then that the entire novel can be reduced to two rings of algebra of conflict structures.


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