▊[Logbook]I did not remember exactly what he was talking about, but for the first time in a long time I did not feel that I was alone. Everything is fine with me, and what are you doing here? No matter, we are both drifting on this god-forgotten station and none of us knows how long this will last ...


▊[Logbook]From the earth, the cosmos seemed more native to me. Now I feel that they are rejected by him, or this is acceptance. I do not know, it's good that I can catch at least some signals from the planet. But I do not even know how far from home I am ...


▊[Logbook]I do not remember what day of my stay at the station. It seems I completely forget what it was like for me to live there, at home. Actually, that there is a house ... There were minor disruptions at the station, it is possible to look in the on-board computer.


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▊Local[] ▊PROGRAM BOARD COMPUTER; ▊USES CTR; ▊ Board computer IDE Version 1.0.12[2087.5.5] ▊ System version 2.4.4 ▊ Using configuration files from: D:\2.4.4\system\ ▊ Running "d:\2.4.4\system\boardcomputer.sys" ▊ Start scanning system... __________________________________________________________ HELLO, SPACE DUDE Welcome user. The system does not work correctly.The module was damaged,which caused a malfunction in the work of the station. I'm trying to fix the situation. will have to wait.I have a lot of work. __________________________________________________________ -----Thanks for 3.183 siteviews----- >o) (_\ __________________________________________________________ IMPORTANTupdates/ •I'm working on restoring the system •Partially restored on-board computer __________________________________________________________ •New chapter|| •Received a new signal from 04/19/18 in the news •New content menu on news page •I finally completed my own button

▊Richard Feynman - The Uncertainty Of Knowledge